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Gas stations in Iceland

Fueling up in Iceland

Gas stations in Iceland generally operate the same way as those in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The network of gas stations in Iceland is relatively dense along the Ring Road and main traffic arteries, with an average distance of 50km between stations. At most, one will always be able to find a gas station after traveling 80-100km. There are various gas station operators, with the most well-known being N1, Orkan, and Olis. These can be found throughout the country and often have a small shop attached where one can buy everything from coffee to newspapers, just like back home. In addition to the familiar gas stations, there are also unmanned gas stations in Iceland…

Using your credit card at gas stations in Iceland

A special feature are the unmanned gas stations, better known as "pay at the pump" gas stations. These are particularly widespread in remote areas such as the East and Westfjords and the highlands. Here, you need a card to be able to refuel, and prepaid gas cards and credit cards with a 4-digit PIN are accepted. Although cards with a 6-digit PIN and debit cards are sometimes accepted, it's best not to rely on that!

The procedure at such a gas station is relatively simple: You enter the amount you want to refuel, pay with your chosen card, and then start refueling. Most stations now guide you through the process in English, so you can follow along easily. The following video also explains the process again.

Gas stations in the highlands of Iceland

In the highlands of Iceland, there are relatively few gas stations and most of them are unmanned. If you want to go to the highlands, there are a few things to keep in mind and some tips: never let your tank go more than half empty, so you can make sure you can make it back to the gas station you came from. It is highly recommended to get a gas card for this area if you don't have a chance to test your credit card beforehand. The cards cost between 3000 and 10,000ISK.

Prepaid Karte für Tankstellen in Island